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We inspire creative transformation through sharing & listening…

Connecting you to profound speakers, writers, artists, poets & thought-leaders for personal & public conversations. 

Contact information provided for each available presenter or contributor. Please feel free to connect to them directly.

Your TCP Host:

Danielle Henson SD

As a member of Spiritual Directors International Danielle values lifelong learning through SDI and other spiritual & secular training. LinkedIn

Spiritual Director, Presenter, Group Facilitator & Transformation Collaboration Specialist

“As a trained and present listener, I accompany others as they share their spiritual journey. Through focusing and creativity, I help others notice inner direction and feeling as I reflect responses to deepen understanding.”

Danielle Henson SD

Email us for a free 30 min. private Virtual Coffee with a Spiritual Director Inquiries about booking small group workshops, free A Course in Miracles Monday 7 CT zoom meetings or other small group/study group information:

“I was extraordinarily fortunate, and blessed, to have Danielle as my Spiritual Director. She came into my life just when I needed her gentle and wise guidance, and our meetings were truly life-changing. Danielle is a wise and patient adviser, and works gently through questioning and reflection to help you find your own interior star. No question that I asked went unanswered, often happening outside of our face-to-face meetings–this is the wonder of Danielle’s gentle direction. You’ll take much more of yourself away than you came with at the outset. She has pointed me to my inner guide, and my life has been blessed beyond measure with her counsel. Danielle B. Henson is a Spiritual Director that anyone looking for a deeper, more spiritual path would be privileged to engage.” 

-Kim Zoph

When life’s compass goes off course, listen through the storm back to True North. -Listen. Share. Transform…The Conversation Peace

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