“Mandela Inspired by Spiritual Direction” by Karin Krog
& “Raven on Orange Ground” © 2011 by Kim Zoph

Welcome to a space for spiritual, philosophical and secular food for the mind, soul and emotions. Read inspired perspectives, poems and stories shared by thought-leaders from many disciplines. A collective offering for healing, discovery and contemplation. For you…

Join the conversation as we:
  • Build hope & community
  • Celebrate JOYS
  • Develop deeper emotional & relationship skills
  • Discover speakers, authors & creative companions
  • Find ways to traverse collective trauma
  • Follow new connections
  • Foster strength & fortitude for justice-building
  • Navigate fear to uncover courage
  • Offer comfort & strength
  • Share talents & spiritual or philosophical visions

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The Conversation Peace

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When life’s compass goes off course, listen through the storm back to True North. -Listen. Share. Transform…The Conversation Peace

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