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Welcome to a space for spiritual, philosophical and secular food for the mind, soul and emotions. On our virtual journey you will read inspired perspectives, poems and stories shared by thought-leaders from many disciplines. A collective offering for healing, discovery and contemplation.

Connecting you to profound speakers, writers, poets & thought-leaders for personal & public conversations. We create virtual spaces in our blog, presentations and classrooms to…

  • Build relationships & community
  • Celebrate our JOYS
  • Develop deeper emotional & relationship skills
  • Discover speakers, authors & companions on the path
  • Find new ways to traverse collective traumas
  • Follow new connections
  • Foster strength & fortitude for justice building
  • Navigate grief & fear to uncover our courage
  • Offer comfort & strength
  • Share new talents & spiritual or philosophical visions
Hope on a Tightrope by Dr. Cornel West

Along our virtual path you will find interfaith and secular voices offering stories, conversations and insights exploring racial and social justice, community creativity, environment and peace-building, and journeying through personal relationships, hope and fear. Along the way we’ll explore love and service, and faith and reason.

Creative and inspiring thoughts cause ripples in the waters of our consciousness, informing actions in love and service that produce the wavelets needed to transform our world.

Thank you for joining The Conversation…

Danielle Henson The Conversation Peace 2020

Published by The Conversation Peace Collective- Danielle Henson SD

Spiritual Direction, Meditation & Collaboration

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