Exploring Personal Sanctuary

Cultivating a personal sacred space toolbox… In my spiritual study group we take turns leading sessions and assigning a discipline or practice for the time between meetings…homework for the soul is continual…sorry about it! *wink* At a recent meeting, a discipline was offered by Sharon “to find a personal sanctuary and report back.” What IContinue reading “Exploring Personal Sanctuary”

Happy Newest Year…!

Although we can’t control what we collectively experience, we can reflect, release, and set a philosophical or spiritual ideal for our journeys…Sometimes an image or a song is all we need to recalibrate the year!

A Day of Reflection & Gratitude.-Phet Haverkos

“My wish on that day was to have future paths I walk on be smooth and clear of rocks and sticks so I can walk without pain…”

Hope:Simple Does Not Mean Easy.- Edward Herdrich Author & Poet

Hope: Simple Does Not Mean Easy… Especially in the midst of the time we are all living through, hope is not necessarily what comes to mind. Whether you are someone who has read The Audacity of Hope or any similar non-fiction text illustrating how hope brought someone through and was what they held onto, orContinue reading “Hope:Simple Does Not Mean Easy.- Edward Herdrich Author & Poet”

The Art of Reflection

Focusing & Artistic Contemplation in Spiritual Companioning Gather pens, colored pencils and paper in a quiet and comfortable place. Find, or search your memory for, a poem or image that moves calm and comfort within you. Reflect on the image or words in stillness… Then ask yourself: What words come to mind? Where can IContinue reading “The Art of Reflection”

Disturb Your Peace in Times of Hate

Peace in the context of injustice, racism, sorrow, terror, and struggle requires fortitude and character infused in a deeper personal definition; one that births depth of meaning and action in the otherwise passive and meditative understanding of the word. In times of mass selfishness, hatred, and violence the essence and expectations of peace demand moreContinue reading “Disturb Your Peace in Times of Hate”


I found the beauty of being still Ever scarce in days of yore I will stake a claim as I wait until Times settle into as before? Spare me that – at least in part The hurry scurries, musts and shoulds, Their attempt to steal What is Real. Lest frenetic urgency distill Until The beautyContinue reading ““I FOUND THE BEAUTY OF BEING STILL.” By Martha Bartholomew”

Meditation: Escapism, Snake Oil or Essential Tools for Trauma?

What IS Going on Out There…In There…? Life seems to take us on its own journey lately and we’re left feeling very powerless. In the midst of the storm many New Age mindfulness, consciousness and snake oil salespeople have desperately tried to sell us “trauma tools” that we don’t understand and may or may notContinue reading “Meditation: Escapism, Snake Oil or Essential Tools for Trauma?”