I found the beauty of being still

Ever scarce in days of yore

I will stake a claim as I wait until

Times settle into as before?

Spare me that – at least in part

The hurry scurries, musts and shoulds,

Their attempt to steal

What is Real.

Lest frenetic urgency distill


The beauty by which I am found




By: Martha Bartholomew

A Spiritual Director and an award winning poet, writer and story teller, a weaver and artist/teacher in several media. Martha holds graduate degrees from Loyola University, Chicago and the Graduate Theological Foundation.

Journey with Martha:
We become the artists we are intended to be whenever we accept the invitation to enter deeply into life through creation, whether by writing, painting, dancing, weaving, throwing clay, composing music-any medium of life observed and lived in relationship. Our expressions are the fossils of our inner experiences. “By Hand Unseen” is Martha Bartholomew’s fourth collection of poetry and her second collection to be subtitled “A Poet’s Words for a Reader’s Pen.” Her previous book, “Turned Corners and Juniper Berries, ” allowed ample space for readers to record their own journal responses to her poetry. Once again, she welcomes readers to interact with and respond personally to her poetry by creating their own journal entries in the book.


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Published by The Conversation Peace Collective- Danielle Henson SD

Spiritual Direction, Meditation & Collaboration

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