The Art of Reflection

Focusing & Artistic Contemplation in Spiritual Companioning

Gather pens, colored pencils and paper in a quiet and comfortable place. Find, or search your memory for, a poem or image that moves calm and comfort within you. Reflect on the image or words in stillness…

Then ask yourself:

What words come to mind?

Where can I feel those words in my body?

What feelings are associated with the areas of the body I am drawn to?

If the feelings were colors, what colors would they be?

Do the feelings and colors move or change?

Does poetry emerge from my image, feelings or colors?

When you are finished and fully open your eyes, take a few moments to capture the inner journey on the paper…

Then ask yourself:

How can I express those colorful feelings?

If I draw them, how do they want to be seen?

If I sang them? How would they sound?

If I dance or move them? How would I move?

What poem, sacred or secular text, or quote reflect these colorful feelings?

What creative image can I create to use in reflection?

These are a few ways you can explore focusing and artistic reflection on your spiritual or creative journey…

Create your own reflective tools:

Research more about creativity, focusing and Spiritual Companions at Spiritual Directors International

Find a Spiritual Directors International Member

Martha Bartholomew and her featured Poetry

Start a Conversation about Art and Focusing in Spiritual Direction and Spiritual Companioning…

Join a class or free Virtual Coffee to learn more…

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Spiritual Direction, Meditation & Collaboration

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