Exploring Personal Sanctuary

Cultivating a personal sacred space toolbox… In my spiritual study group we take turns leading sessions and assigning a discipline or practice for the time between meetings…homework for the soul is continual…sorry about it! *wink* At a recent meeting, a discipline was offered by Sharon “to find a personal sanctuary and report back.” What IContinue reading “Exploring Personal Sanctuary”

Happy Newest Year…!

Although we can’t control what we collectively experience, we can reflect, release, and set a philosophical or spiritual ideal for our journeys…Sometimes an image or a song is all we need to recalibrate the year!

A Day of Reflection & Gratitude.-Phet Haverkos

“My wish on that day was to have future paths I walk on be smooth and clear of rocks and sticks so I can walk without pain…”


I found the beauty of being still Ever scarce in days of yore I will stake a claim as I wait until Times settle into as before? Spare me that – at least in part The hurry scurries, musts and shoulds, Their attempt to steal What is Real. Lest frenetic urgency distill Until The beautyContinue reading ““I FOUND THE BEAUTY OF BEING STILL.” By Martha Bartholomew”